Teaching EFL/ESL (영어 교도)

The profession I decided to go into back in Spring 2010 was teaching EFL to students in South Korea. I majored in Applied Linguistics and earned my TEFL certification. Although I am just starting out, I genuinely want to teach English. More than that, I want to teach well. I knew I had wanted to be a teacher since high school. I would like to think that we all have had at least one teacher that touched our lives in some way and taught us something we never forgot. I luckily had that with my second year Spanish teacher in high school. I learned from her the power of a good teacher and just how far that could carry over into someone else’s life.

Because I am coming from a linguistic background, it is natural that I am heavily influenced by linguistic theories, principles, and pedagogy, but I also have learned a second language (Spanish) and am learning a third (Korean). I am not an expert, but I wouldn’t go so far as to say I know nothing about how to learn or teach a language.

That being said, this page will be dedicated to resources for teachers to help you teach language. Even though I have graduated, I plan to continue my readings and study into linguistics (specifically language acquisition) for further my knowledge about how we learn language to better inform how to teach it. Feel free to post your own ideas, resources, and experiences in teaching EFL/ESL (not only in Korea!). I look forward to the Dialogue.


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