About (안내)

안녕하세요, 여러분? Hello, everyone!

So when did I, a Southern girl from a suburban city in Georgia, USA, decide she wanted to go to South Korea? Well…

During my first year at university October 2008, I made a conscious decision to start learning Korean. I joined a language exchange forum and began (what became arduous) journal to learning Korean. I still have a long way to go, but I am grateful for the experience. In the process, I met the love of my life (affectionately he will be called HB). He’s Korean. So while we exchanged languages (most him getting someone to speak to in English, haha). It took a while, but our relationship grew and in July of 2010, I made my first trip to South Korea I fell in love, both with HB and the country. HB and I decided to live together in Korea, where I will teach English. I started this blog for myself, others like me, and my family back home to see what I’m up to!

Along with things about my life in Korea, I will share my personal life and interest. I love cooking, being active, and (guiltily so) linguistics. I hope you join me for the ride!



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