Korean Wifehacks | Affordable International Shipping

Living abroad can be tough in and of itself. And it can be more difficult to get the things from home or abroad that make living in another country just a little easier. For me, those are things like clothing that actually fit properly or tech (electronics are ridiculously expensive in Korea). Most online resellers will happily ship to you for over 50 dollars in addition to your order. How nice of them, right?

Even if you are willing to pay that shipping fee, you still have to take into consideration the customs value limitation which is at 200USD. Don’t plan on spending that much? Keep in mind that this includes the shipping fee in the value.

Image Source: https://fbcdn-profile-a.akamaihd.net/hprofile-ak-xaf1/v/t1.0-1/c1.15.242.242/s160x160/10440207_893617130654038_7308403731920002888_n.jpg?oh=6b2df5bc772152cec12cc8e6d8db106e&oe=5648721E&__gda__=1447551256_6c5831be17d32c3ffa6852c5f267a1c9
Image Source: https://fbcdn-profile-a.akamaihd.net/hprofile-ak-xaf1/v/t1.0-1/c1.15.242.242/s160x160/10440207_893617130654038_7308403731920002888_n.jpg?oh=6b2df5bc772152cec12cc8e6d8db106e&oe=5648721E&__gda__=1447551256_6c5831be17d32c3ffa6852c5f267a1c9

So a way that I avoid putting the hurt on my wallet is to use reputable third-party couriers. No, not DHL or Fed-Ex. While they are available in Korea, they charge just as much as national mail services. I am talking specifically about two: Ship2Korea (English service available) and MallTail (Korean service only).

Both of these websites allow you to ship to an address in the US (you can pick between several locations depending on which is closer to the warehouse it is shipping out of as well as taxes charged to that state). Just enter the address provided by the company as your shipping address at checkout.

How this works is that you fill out the form with the courier, telling them the details of what to expect in the mail for you. Once it all arrives, you pay their shipping and handling fee, and just wait for it to come to you. They combine the items into one box for easier and quicker shipping, and it’s just generally awesome. There is tracking for the packages so you know when it will come.

You can also get the most out of this by taking advantage of free shipping from online retailers like Amazon, Modcloth, etc. So wait until you can get their free shipping and make orders at one time to get a bigger bang for your buck.


2 thoughts on “Korean Wifehacks | Affordable International Shipping

  1. Cassie

    Hi! this may sound dumb of me but when can you go and renew your f6 visa? Is it atleast 2 months before it expires? a week? 🙂

    1. I have renewed it one month before and two weeks before. I have also heard of some people renewing it two months before. Definitely go earlier rather than later, in case there is some problem. I almost missed my appointment when I had two weeks left, and appointments were booked over 2 weeks. Luckily I had been seen, still, but it was almost a big problem.

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