Trip to Kansai, Japan: Kyoto

This is the final installment in our Kansai trip adventure! We visited Kyoto in the middle of the week for a half day before spending the last day and a half there. Unfortunately, we saw that a typhoon was headed straight to Kansai so the last day we couldn’t do anything but visit the underground shops by the station or the connected department store.

Things to Do

On our half day, however, we did go to Kiyumizudera. Be warned the temple closes at 6:00 so get there before, rent a kimono along the street close to the hill you walk up, and really enjoy the stroll through the streets. Here are some photos of the temple:
C360_2015-07-14-17-19-08-703 C360_2015-07-14-17-36-05-831 C360_2015-07-14-17-32-09-338 C360_2015-07-14-17-22-33-354C360_2015-07-14-17-34-57-828

Gion District
We also took a stroll through the Gion district. This is where the heart of the tradition in the area lies. Great souvenir shops and if you are lucky you will be able to catch a geisha or maiko walking around.
C360_2015-07-14-16-45-37-724C360_2015-07-14-16-32-39-170 C360_2015-07-14-16-39-31-782C360_2015-07-14-16-49-08-075


Since we were stuck inside for the most part, we did get a chance to eat some real Kyoto style food.

  1. Torisanwa (Oya ko donburi)
    Roughly translated as “Parent and child” donburi, this is chicken cooked in a light sauce and half cooked eggs. It is definitely worth the try and so delicious if you get a chance to try it.C360_2015-07-17-18-24-13-234This place was located in the basement level of the main station. You have to walk through the department store grocery stands.
  2. Katzukura (Kyoto Skygarden Donkatsu)
    Located near the top of the Sky Garden in Kyoto Station is another famous fried pork cutlet chain. This one is special because they give you sesame seeds in a mortar and pestle. You grind them up and then add one of the two sauces. Be warned, the one on the far less is a honey citron dressing…for the cabbage, not the pork cutlet.C360_2015-07-18-11-53-26-953It was good but we can find things cheaper and just as good at home in Korea. But if you’re on vacation and wanting to try it, here it is! Also, cabbage is bottomless. You can ask for more.
  3. Beef-katsu
    This one was…interesting. After the Kobe beef experience, DH’s brother saw this place online and wanted us to try it, so we did. This is beef tonkatsu except instead of pork it’s beef and instead of regular beef it was aged beef. At this place the rice and salad is endless, so you can fill up on it.

    C360_2015-07-17-12-47-50-233However, this was not my favorite thing to eat on this trip. The beef was so chewy, but like all things on vacation it is worth doing once just to say that you did.

Well! Thanks for visiting my blog and reading about our trip to Japan. We were very excited since it was our first trip abroad as a married couple. It was so nice and refreshing. A final reflection on this trip. Before you go, make a rough itinerary before you go and be flexible. It will really make the trip less stressful.

Have fun and happy travels!!


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