Trip to Kansai, Japan: Osaka (Part 2 – Food)


Here’s the fun part of any trip: eating! Here are the places that we ate while in Osaka.

  1. Harukoma (Sushi)
    This place is famous with locals and features on a lot of Korean blog spots so we ended up here. They are known for their large meat portions on the sushi. It was definitely fresh and if you enjoy fish, very delicious!
    C360_2015-07-16-13-21-04-745 C360_2015-07-16-13-24-06-380 C360_2015-07-16-13-24-12-808 C360_2015-07-16-13-24-18-746 C360_2015-07-16-13-24-23-141
  2. Ichiran (Ramen)
    I don’t know if you know this about Japan, but they really love their noodles and you will see in the food posts just how much. The famous places in Osaka to eat ramen are Kenryu and Ichiran. We opted to go to Ichiran and, boy, am I glad we did! Located one street over from the Glico man sign in Dotonbori, you will have to wait but it’s worth it.
    C360_2015-07-16-19-53-01-463You can customize just about EVERYTHING when it comes to this soup from the amount of garlic, spicy sauce, part of the green onions, to the richness of the broth. I ordered standard all the way down and was pleased.A note about how to order. You order and pay before you are even seated. Walking in the door you are confronted with this machine before you even lay eyes on an employee:
    C360_2015-07-16-19-39-16-602First, insert your money then press your options of what you want. Then you will be given a meal ticket. As you wait in line, on the wall (look around) there will be sheets of paper where you will pick the particulars of your personal bowl of soup. Then you will be seated in individual stalls. Place your meal ticket AND the paper with your soup information in front of you and someone will pick it up through the small window.C360_2015-07-16-19-45-50-754They will leave you this sheet if you want to order more noodles, but leave enough broth if you decide you want more noodles!
  3. ??? (Katzu donburi)
    C360_2015-07-11-18-19-38-485A favorite Korean food of mine is 덮밥 (Deop-bap), and Japan has its own version called donburi.This particular restaurant served theirs with fried protein and vegetables on top. De-li-cious.C360_2015-07-11-17-58-05-936 C360_2015-07-11-17-51-30-943This restaurant is located in Den-Den Town. 
  4. AjinoyaNamba location (Okonomiyaki and Yakisoba)
    This restaurant is located on a side road in Dontonbori and you can see it if you are walking through the covered shopping streets.C360_2015-07-12-20-39-30-613Hopefully, no one will be offended at my description but okonomiyaki is essentially a vegetable omelet, with less of the egg and more of the vegetable. This place served great okonomiyaki. We also ordered yakisoba.
    C360_2015-07-12-20-42-02-428Here was the completed okonomiyaki:
  5. Pablo (Cheese tart)
    This cheese tart was interesting. With your Amazing Pass you can get a discount with the TokuX2 tickets but we just bought it. There are two locations in Dotonbori and these things are huge. We took it back to our place and ate it. Worth a try one time.
  6. A food stall in Dotonbori (Takoyaki)
    C360_2015-07-12-19-01-14-038This is located one street away from the Glico man sign (what a great point of reference, huh?) but you can find a million plus food stalls selling takoyaki in Osaka. This place was great and tasty.

    C360_2015-07-12-18-45-12-331 C360_2015-07-12-18-45-25-814 C360_2015-07-12-18-46-28-908They serve them up when you order. You can enjoy inside by the bar or as you continue sightseeing.
  7. ??? (Soba)
    This restaurant was located a few streets from the Museum of Oriental Ceramics (also free on the Amazing Pass). We went on a Monday, which is a off-day for most places in Osaka for some reason or other, so he was only serving one style. Still good.C360_2015-07-12-13-25-43-442To enjoy like the locals, you will be given tea and a cup of soy sauce. He will also give you some of the noodle broth which you can use to dilute the soy sauce if it is too strong. Before eating your soba, dip in the soy sauce and enjoy!

    When you finish your meal, place your tray back on the counter to let the workers know you are finished eating.

  8. Daruma (Kushi katsu)
    Kushi katsu is essentially what in Korean is called 튀김, or battered and deep-fried foods, and it is good. As a southern belle at heart, I love fried foods so this was great. We went to this famous chain. There are two in the Dotonbori area and you will know you are there when you caught site of this handsome fellow:
    C360_2015-07-12-18-28-26-621This is different from tempura where the batter is much lighter. You eat the skewered, fried delights by dipping them in a communal pot of soy sauce. The only rule of Kushi katsu club is this: ONLY DIP ONCE. You are sharing the soy sauce with everyone so no double-dipping.

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