New Concept for Teaching With Tech (Post #8)

Since yesterday’s response post to my favorite tool was more of a “concept”, I will flip the script here and answer with what my favorite tool was (Gotta keep you on your toes).

My favorite “concept” (read: tool) is blogs, specifically WordPress. In creating a classroom blog, you are also to share, upload, and embed all of the other things onto one platform for easy digestion. You can also have sidebar widgets that bring in Twitter or other SNS feeds. In making the classroom website I was able to use all the other tools like .docs, calenders, etc. and embed them into a website to easily communicate with the class.

More than just sharing information, there are options within WordPress blogs for communication: comments, posts, chat rooms.


WordPress also has an app available that I have been using for this course instead of using a laptop, which allowed me (and could allow potential students) easy access to the blog for information.


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