Audio Unit

This is an example of a unit I would give go my students. I chose to have students create a recording of themselves reading a story. If you have ever heard people read stories who are of a lower level–even in their native language–especially non-native speakers, they tend to read in a monotonous tone. No one would listen to stories or audio books if they were so monotone.

This assignment is great for all levels and ages, even for adults who have never really learned how to read punctuation (and believe me, they are out there). Students can even test the waters of their imagination by adding sound effects to their reading and creating different voices for the characters.

Even the most nervous student has time to practice and record in a private setting, so it’s an opportunity to hear even the quietest person in the group.

Assignment Handout:

Storytelling Example:

This audio file was created in Audacity. It is not exactly an intuitive program and takes some playing around. Other options for audio recordings include Garageband (Mac) and UJam.

Sound clips were found on SoundBible and Jamendo found via CreativeCommons. Credits sourced in audio unit assignment handout.


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