Sample Syllabus

The first day of every class of every year ever, since practically the beginning of school has been full of syllabi detailing what the teacher expects of us and the repercussions if we don’t meet the demands. I cannot remember a single syllabus from my many years of school and it is hard to pinpoint a reason why. It doesn’t help that they all looked the same. Black and white Word documents, bullet points left and right, daunting bold script, percentages, and charts. Moving into the 21st century and digital age, the syllabus ought get an upgrade if not for the sake of the students but for the sake of educators keeping with the times.

Created with Piktochart, this is a sample syllabus for a university college English course. Since I am not a university professor nor am I currently teaching a class, I have opted to leave the areas of Grades, Assignments, and Weekly Schedule blank.


2 thoughts on “Sample Syllabus

  1. Erika, I also used Piktochart to create my sample class syllabus. It’s got a great look and an easy user-friendly format, doesn’t it? Perusing the other blogs it looks to be a fairly popular online template site for our class. I’m using Blogger not WordPress but when I embedded the Piktochart syllabus I had the same microscopic formatting take place that I see you’re having. But I’ve learned a way to trouble shoot this. Steve gave me a tutorial on it the other night. I’d imagine WordPress has a similar HTML embed format. Anyway, when you select the “publish now” tab from Piktochart’s toolbar it will give you an embed code. Cut and past that embed code into your WordPress HTML window. After it is pasted, you can adjust the “height” and “width” of the file by simply shrinking or enlarging said dimensions inside the quotation marks while inside the HTML window before publishing it to your page. I feel like a tech geek being able to share that with you. Anyway for what it’s worth…

  2. I just noticed the slide bar feature on your WordPress which solves the issue of magnification a bit. But I still feel that if you enlarged the dimension of the HTML script, it may have a more visually readable format on your page. The mouse toggle function to read and scoll on the document is a bit frustrating. Anyway…

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