Renewing Your F-6 Marriage Visa 혼인 비자가 갱신을 어떻게 해야 하나요?

Being married in Korea definitely is a lot of upkeep! Not only getting married, proving that for the F-6 marriage visa with a plethora of documents in tow, getting the ARC, and even renewing it! That’s what today’s post is all about. Renewing your F-6 marriage visa. Fun stuff this will be!

The first thing I did was call immigration to see what documents and fees were required. I suggest doing this since they speak English to make sure you have an updated list of what is required.

When I called in March 2014, they said the following was required to reapply for the visa renewal:

  • Passport
  • ARC
  • Marriage certificate
  • Your spouse’s Korean citizenship document 주민등록증면서 – 등본 (There are two kinds, 등본 and 초본, I brought both but wasn’t needed. )
  • 30,000 원
  • Housing Contract (Just to be safe bring this, but honestly the 등본 will have where your spouse is living since all people in Korea must report changes in residences within two weeks)
  • #34 form which you can get at the immigration office

If you also have to get a new ARC due to a name change you will need the following

  • ARC
  • Passport
  • Form number 34
  • 30,000 원 (plus 3,000 for shipping if you so chose)
  • A picture with your hair behind your ears, passport style.

To help out with the process, I recommend going to the website and signing up with an account. With this, you can make appointments (usually two weeks in advance because it is full up). Once you have an appointment and all your documents, head on down to your local immigration office. I will walk you through the process for Seoul Immigration.
To get there, go to 오목교 (O-mok-gyo) station and go out exit 7. Walk straight until you see a slight bend in the road. Don’t be nervous. I always am a worry wart if I do not know where I am going and I found it just fine. Here’s a picture of the SK gas station that will let you know to veer to your right.

On the way to Immi

When you see the SK gas station, you can actually get a glimpse of the Immigration Office behind it. Keep walking a little ways till you get to the cross walk, take it and then you will see it:

immi buildingGo inside under the main part of the building. I saw a lot of people going in and out of the building on the right, but that was for Chinese tourists I believe. Once you are in, if you do not have an appointment go to the room on your right.

immi waiting lounge

Get a number at the kiosk (you will need to get the first option: 외국인 (등록, 연장, 변경 등) Foreigners (registration, extension, change, etc.).

wait numberI mentioned getting the appointment? This is why: I got to the office just after 8:36 a.m. They start accepting people at 9:00 but they let you get in line from 8:30 a.m. I was already the 18th person in line just a measly 6 minute after the start of it all. Get there early like I did or get an appointment! Otherwise you’ll be spending your precious time at immigration and no one wants that.  Once you get your line, you go over to a raised table and look for your form. It is form 34. Look near the top and you will see at the top left something with 34 제…get this and fill it out. Here is also a list of the general fees at the immigration office. This just recently changed this past January due to a freeze for over 15 years. Most things, according to HiKorea’s website, doubled in price. Luckily spousal visa renewals are still reasonable.


While you wait, go back into the main lobby. You will see a couple other rooms, go in this one:

stamp counter

I was caught taking pictures, but he was cool about it. Haha. Anyways, behind this charming fellow is a window that says Stamps. Go there. If you are getting an extension of your F-6 visa, you will need to tell the lady (저의 혼인 비자를 갱신하러 왔는데 얼마정도 나오겠죠? I came to renew my visa, about how much will it cost?) I am never too straight forward with my questions in Korean. She gave me a stamp and then I also told her because I changed my name, I needed to get a new ARC card. This she was also nice to come out from the window and help me with. You should get your passport, though, and lay it on the ATM spot indicated. Confirm your information and she pressed some buttons to get me a receipt for my new ARC (plus delivery fee 택배비). If you do not know or can’t figure it out, do not be afraid to ask for help. If you speak Korean, Koreans are more than happy to help you. I think half the time they do not know what you want. Anyways, here’s the end results.

stamp receipt

To the left is the new ARC card receipt, to the right are the stamps for the visa renewal. Go back and wait in line. By this time it will be REALLY crowded, worse when you leave. I had to wait less than 15 minutes to be seen. Once there, I explained what I needed, she put the information in, took my photos. She didn’t hear me about the name change so she just processed me at first as a visa renewal. So I took this thing and sat down:

white card frontwait card

Within 5 minutes I was given my ARC back with the visa extension on it. BAM! Except I needed a new card so I had to back and bother her to process it, but after that I was done. She said that my visa extended ARC should be mailed back to me within two weeks. Anyways, any questions feel free to leave them in the comment section below!

PLEASE NOTE: If you are planning to do this I urge you to carefully read the little yellow tag above. If you make ANY changes you must report it within 14 days or there can be a huge fee or 200,000원 or more! That is, address, name, contracts/schools, etc. Or to report the birth of your child as well it seems. I was really, really lucky the officer did not charge me this fee.


5 thoughts on “Renewing Your F-6 Marriage Visa 혼인 비자가 갱신을 어떻게 해야 하나요?

  1. Gideon Seaton

    Thanks for that. I will be out of the country when my F6 expires. Do you think I can get it done 2 months before the expiry date?

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