Renewing your F-6 Visa

It’s that time of the year, for me at least! Around the beginning of the year is when people flock to immigration, newcomers and seasoned expats alike. Unfortunately, this is my time of the year, too, when I need to renew my visa as well. I just wanted to write a quick post about what you will need when you need to renew your marriage visa. This can be done within two months of the expiration date on your card.

Note: This was as of March 3rd.

To get your visa you will need the following:

  • Passport
  • Alien Registration Card, or ARC (외국인등록증면서)
  • Marriage Certificate (혼인증면서)
  • Your husband/wife’s proof of citizenship (국민등록증면서)
  • 1 photo
  • 60,000원 fee. I think you will buy the stamps at immigration for the fee.
  • Housing contract
  • The application form no. 34. This can be found at immigration.

To expedite your visit to immigration I suggest going to the website, registering, and making an appointment. There are no appointments during 11:00-13:00 and most of the time it is all filled up for around two weeks in advance. Note about the website that you might have some problem about “Put your NAME in English.” Immigration told me that it was because I was on a laptop and not a desktop (false, by the way). Just make sure you download anything the website wants you to. Korean government websites love to make you download stuff. And you HAVE to be in Internet Explorer.

Anyways, hope this helps! They told my husband that the applicant has to go. So I will be going Monday bright and early to handle my name change as well as visa application.


26 thoughts on “Renewing your F-6 Visa

    1. I’m sorry, I don’t speak the language you wrote in, so I can’t answer your question. I suggest calling immigration and making sure of requirments seeing as they change often.

    1. Yeah, I always do everything official alone. My husband works a lot so any visits to the city hall or immigration I always do alone. They never seem to care.

      1. Haylyn Aragon

        Can I ask if the situation is I am separated to my spouse but not officially. Can I renew my visa??did he do something to hold my visa in immigration??thanks for the answer,,

      2. I am not sure, Haylyn. When you go to renew, you need documents from your husband (issued within the last 3 months), but if you are separated and don’t have access to them, you may have a problem renewing. Your husband is your sponsor for the visa. I have heard that if you divorce and he claims that it was his fault (because Korea is an at-fault divorce country) then you can keep your visa, but I do not know your situation. Your best bet is to call immigration or talk to a lawyer that has experience with international marriages.

  1. Brenn

    When you renew the F6 visa, is it done in one trip? Or do they keep your ARC and make you wait a few days before it’s updated? TIA!

    1. The renewal itself is done in one trip, you only wait around fifteen minutes for them to print the new date on the back.

      If you do the name change at the same time, then they will mail you a new card within three weeks.

    1. Hi, Carmen. This post was made with the list that the immigration hotline number 1345 gave me. They were wrong on a few aspects. I went to renew my visa again 4 days ago and the following link is to a post that is correct:

      1. Ronabelle parone

        Hi. Can i ask how to renew my f6 visa without sponsor. Im separated 3years ago. My lawyer help me to renewed my visa 2years ago. My ex husband hurt me so that the reason to devorsed.. i need to renew my f6 visa untill july 10.. i want to know how to process and what requirments required.

      2. Hello, Ronabelle.

        I wish I could help you, but I don’t know. It is best to call foreigner helpline (Dial 1345 on Korean cellphone). Maybe they can give you information.

      3. Ronabelle parone

        Thanks erika. i try to dial 1345. 3 to 4 times a day but we dont answer my call. If you have some information about my situation pls coment here.. thank you so much

  2. Ronabelle parone

    Hi. Can i ask how to renew my f6 visa without sponsor, im separated 3years ago, my laywer help me to renewed my visa 2years ago. I need to renew my visa untill july 10. My ex husband hurt me so that the reason to devorsed already. I want to know how to apply and what kind of requirments. Pls understand because i cannot write ferpect english.. thanks

  3. cherba

    Hi! Would it be ok to go back to country of origin before the f6-1 extension expires? And, would there be problems re-entering korea? Thanks..

    1. I will preface by saying I am not an authority on visas, but from my understanding, all visas in Korea are multiple entry. You can come and go on your F6 visa without a problem. If you are out of the country when your visa expires, I believe you have to enter in on a tourist visa and reapply for your F6 visa again, which will require you to travel abroad to obtain. You cannot transfer from a tourist visa to another visa in-country. That being said, you can renew your visa up to a month in-advance without a problem. I have heard of people going a couple of months, but I was told one month, so I usually go a month before the expiration date.

      I hope this help!

  4. Shiera

    Its ok? If i go Immigration alone, because my husband go to japan and my house adress was change, the address is my name not my husband,

    1. I always renew my visa alone without a problem because I speak Korean well enough. However, I do not know about your husband’s address being different from yours. You would have to call Immigration Hotline (#1345)

  5. Shiera

    My problem is my address is change, and name of me not my husband address because my husband out of country for working, immigration can give me a renewal f6? All requirements are ready but my problem is my house adress not my husband name its me.

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