My Korean Visa Run to Japan: Part 2

So since I already checked in the night before, after dropping off my application, I was free to go from there, no need to check into a hotel. Unfortunately, it was raining my entire trip. There wasn’t much for me to do but shop and honestly, I didn’t have an adventurous spirit about me on this trip. I did take a trip to Canal city and had a look around for a good 4 hours.

When I was looking for things to eat online before I came, everyone said to try the Ramen. On the 5th floor of Canal city is Ramen Stadium, so I went there. You order your food at a machine outside and just go in, sit, and wait to be served. Very interesting process. If you like ramen I think you would like it, but I am used to eating a somewhat strict Korean diet (where heat is the spice of life) so the amount of salt in the food was overwhelming. Despite that, it was tasty. Besides the bowl of ramen, I just had breakfast at the hotel and survived three days on water and crackers from the convenient store. Food (and just about everything else in Japan) is EXPENSIVE!

I spent the evening watching weird Japanese television and reading in my hotel room. The next day after breakfast, I checked out of my hotel around 10:00 (some hotels were 11:00, but for this American, even that seemed too early!) Since I had some time before the 1:30 pick up of my visa, I looked around the underground shops at Hakata station and started my gift searching (Note: Most things you can find at the airport in the duty free shops, but it’s still worth it to look around).

When it was time to pick up my visa and passport I headed back to Tojinmachi station and the consulate. I went in, got my visa (remember to keep the receipt they give you!!), and left. It all took about 5 minutes. I almost flew back to the subway station and sat on the train till the last stop (the airport). Honestly, my recruiter told me it takes an hour from the airport to the consulate, but the train ride itself if only 17 minutes and the walk less than 10. I had made it to the airport by 2:50, asked Asiana to be put on the 4:30 flight out, and was home by 7:30! I have never been so happy to be back in Korea (this is a lie, I’m always dying to come back).

All in all, not a bad trip, but a lot of trouble for a sticker in my passport. But worth it to be able to stay in Korea without having to worry about leaving. Finally able to start my life here! I want to put some a post up about my school soon if I can. Look out for that! It’s a really neat place!


2 thoughts on “My Korean Visa Run to Japan: Part 2

    1. Hi, Ron!

      I am glad to hear that you enjoy my blog. Unfortunately, I am not sure if any Canadians have done the same thing, but I wouldn’t doubt it. It is really up to the consulate and the officer you get in addition to the documents that you need. If you are planning to do a run, I recommend calling the exact location you intend to go to in the country and make sure of the documents you need.
      Good luck!

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