TAJ and Gangnam Shopping

I love, love, LOVE shopping in Korea. It is always possible to get some good deals here. American is pretty expensive, but you can find affordable clothes are places like H&M or Forever21 (XXI). You can find those same stores here in Seoul, but the real treasures are in the subways, or markets like 동대문 (Dong-Dae-Moon) and 명동 (Myeong-Dong). There are a few things that might draw someone back from shopping in these places though…

  1. There isn’t always the options of trying on clothes.
  2. Most things are F sized or free sized. Korean girls tend to wear things a little baggy and most are pretty small. That’s not to say that girls with more to love will be left out here, but shopping can be harder.
  3. The sizes that there actually are, might be limited. So for me, I am finding more of my shoe size here, but still… it isn’t always available like it would be in the U.S. Shoe sizes here are smaller and more narrow.

But there are some perks, too.

  1. I already mentioned how cheap things are here. I search for the 10,000 won to 20,000 won deals all the time (10-20 dollars).
  2. If you speak enough Korean, you can haggle with most vendors. Or just play like you want it, but not liking the price.
  3. Some people give you discounts for using cash.
  4. If you don’t like the price one vendor gives you, odds are another nearby vendor might be selling the exact same thing for cheaper.
  5. Styles are ALWAYS changing. You can go shopping every other week and see near clothes.

So today I went to Gang-nam and bought three more Fall friendly shirts since the weather is starting to cool and all my fall/winter clothes are still in the States. Three nice, cute sweaters for 30,000 won (10,000 a piece). You won’t hear my complaining. In fact, just the opposite!

Another thing I like about Gang-nam (O-O-O-O-Oppan Gangnam style!) is the food. I am not a fan of Japanese food, but there is plenty here. Apart from Japanese food, there is Korean and Chinese, but tons of Italian restaurants. I will definitely write about HB’s and my favorite one once we visit again, and I can get pictures. SO GOOD!! Today though, we went to this place called Taj. It was an Indian restaurant. Once you come out of exit number 10, take a left down into the parallel alley and a right. It’ll be on your left, second floor. It was lunch time and the lunch special prices were reasonable. Walking in, I was hit with the familiar smell of Indian spices and I knew that moment it would be good. Boy, was I right! The employees were all Indian. We sat down, picked out meals and when one man came over to take our order, HB tried to order in Korean. The man’s accent seemed to make it a little difficult, so I just ordered in English (much easier). We didn’t wait long for the food, but in the mean time, I was taking in the atmosphere. Business men having meetings, girl friends having lunch, and just… it was beautiful. I am half Middle Eastern and have always loved the Middle East’s design. Growing up my parents’ best friends were Indian, so I was at home with it all. We didn’t have to wait long for our food.

HB had lunch A (Meat Option). This was a chicken curry and a shrimp curry.


I had lunch B (Veg-Option). Which was a cheese curry and a lentil curry (I love lentils).

All four options were tasty. I loved my lunch B. They give lots of Nan that was soft and warm. The curry was perfectly spicy and warm in my chest. Great, GREAT lunch. They are a bit pricey for dinner, but it’s worth the splurge if you want to celebrate a special occasion.

So after a day of shopping and good eats, I’m signing off. I definitely recommend Taj. Food’s good, people are nice, and atmosphere is exotic and interesting.


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