So last week, I went to NANTA with my Korean class. NANTA is a cooking performance show. You don’t need to speak Korean to attend it and understand, so don’t worry. This is the second performance that I have been to here in Korea. The first was Jump, which I absolutely loved. I will have to go ahead and write up another review since it’s been a couple years. But back to NANTA. I really enjoyed the performance.The music is fun, the story is cute, and the play involves the crowd. The characters had a lot of personality and they all had you laughing.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take any photos. The one that I went to was located in 홍대. We sat on the ground floor towards the left, but really most of the seats are good since the auditorium is small. Through the performance, there was a lot of energy and interaction. I had a lot of fun and found myself smiling often while I was watching. It was a little loud for one of my friends, so if you are sensitive to that, then I would keep it in mind. Flying food, cool music made with kitchen wear and drums, what more could ya ask for? I suggest it if you have a couple of free hours when you’re in the 홍대 area. Plus once it’s done you can go to one of the MANY eateries around to eat. Very convenient. Give it a try! I think you’ll have fun!


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