The BEST Book You’ll Use for Korean Grammar

So I have been studying Korean for almost four years. Sadly, I have been busy with university so I couldn’t devote proper time to studying, but in addition to the resources I have listed in previous posts, I forgot my favorite one. I have learned Spanish and been in many, MANY hours of language classrooms in both Korean and Spanish. Even in my native language of English, classes are often based around grammar points. Although I believe in communicative language teaching, I do feel that grammar is essential to study and that while you study the grammar you can expose yourself to more of the grammar. That being said, I have picked up many Korean language learning books. I have been up phrase books, picture dictionaries, grammar books, and textbooks used for classrooms and/or personal use. By far, the best ones that I have found are these:

These books are great. Hands down. The grammar is simply explained, shown how to be conjugated with verbs (including irregular), gives great a plethora of real-life examples. Plus the practice at the end is easy and accessible. They also come with MP3 files, but the newer book give you a set up to make your own sentences. The examples aren’t too difficult when building your vocabulary, but you will constantly pick up more through the book in a manageable pace. If you are planning to study to Korean, or already have. These work as a great reference or tool to help you learn more. They are DEFINITELY worth every penny (or won, haha).


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