Loving Hut and Orientation

Monday morning I travelled the long 1 hour and 40 minute commute to Ehwa university to take the placement test for my 3 week program at the University. The campus is absolutely gorgeous and I will be sure to give a proper review of the course once I complete it come mid-September. Tuesday came, I went to the university again, found our my class, bought my books, and sat in the auditorium for orientation. It was neat. All in Korean, which I think was a little off putting to lower level Korean speakers who couldn’t understand the presenter.

After the orientation we went to our classes. Pretty fun except the much hyped about typhoon Bollaven was about to hit Seoul in a few hours. Luckily class let out an hour early. I survived my very first typhoon. Actually… we slept through it. The area where I am living only intense winds. So not bad.


So today after my Korean class at Ehwa, a classmate and I accompanied by one of her friends from her uni back home to this place called Loving Hut. A friend recommended it to me a few days prior so I jumped at the chance to try. Loving Hut is a vegetarian friendly chain restaurant with locations spaced out around Seoul. The one that we visited was in 신촌 (Shin-Chon). I had forgotten I had been here before, but remembered once I was in the subway and surfaced to see a giant red mirror (sort of hard to forget!). So going into the place, it was oddly quiet, but cute. Guys and girls were there a like, so fellas, don’t be ashamed or wary of this place! The prices are reasonable and the food was good. It is a mixture of foods you can get here.

















I tried to 순두부뚝배기 (soon-doo-boo-ddook-bae-gi). For it being vegetarian, it was pretty good. I like a heartier, stronger/bolder flavors.
Others have recommended me the California Rolls. They also have deserts available and packaged foods that are vegetarian or vegan friendly. I finished my meal off with a Cafe Soy Latte. ❤


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