Hello, world!

I am exactly two weeks from graduating (officially). The 25th is my last exam.  Being in between the process of getting everything ready before I move to Korea and finishing up everything here in a relatively small amount of time is so stressful. My plan is to leave on the 14th and a few days later take a placement test for 이화여자대학교의 단기 한국어 수강 (Ehwa Women’s University’s Short Korean Course) which is essentially an intensive language programs that lasts about three weeks.

2012년 여름 3차(9월) 2012.8.28(화)~2012.9.12(수) 09:10~13:00 2012.8.27(월) 2012.8.10(금

I have been casually studying Korean for three years with minimal success, so HB (my fiancé) and I decided that I need some extra help with my speaking skills. While I have a moderate capability of reading and writing in Korean, I have very limited proficiency in actually speaking and listening. I learned Spanish effectively in a communicative classroom. That’s the hope here. I have actually visited 이화여자대학교 (Ehwa University) in the past with my future SIL. You would not expect to see something like that in the middle of Seoul. I’m really excited to attend and learn more Korean! I have had such a problem with how nervous I get when I speak. I get all jumbled and freeze up. I read this interesting article today that referred to this problem in light of new research:
Anyone interesting in language acquisition should check it out.


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